The publisher of the journal is the Institute of Ethnology, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University that has all the rights of the publisher including all property and authorship rights arising from publishing the journal.

The journal is published in the minimum legal periodicity of two issues a year.

The journal is managed by the editorial board, represented by the editor-in-chief.

Obligations of the members of the editorial board include the duty to participate in editorial board meetings, respond to the editor-in-chief’s calls, select authors and articles (also for a single-subject and edited issues), participate in assessing and reviewing articles, treat all manuscripts as confidential, contribute to good reputation of the journal and ensure that the reputation of the journal, editor-in-chief and other members of the editorial board are not damaged. Members of the editorial board can be substituted after two years on the grounds of not performing their obligations or in case of complications by the means of election by other members of the editorial board.

Obligations of the editor-in-chief include registration of the journal in the register of periodical press maintained by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, administration of the website of the journal and ensuring it is listed more frequently in renowned scientific citation databases. Furthermore, editor-in-chief is responsible for accepting studies and submitting them to review proceedings. She shall adhere to ethical principles and treat all manuscripts as confidential. The editor-in-chief summons the editorial board, turns to members of the editorial board with suggestions, complaints or problems concerning the existence of the journal. The editor-in-chief and members of the editorial board shall exchange information on a continual basis. Minutes from each editorial board meeting shall be made and officially sent to the members of the editorial board. She ensures organizational and administrative activity of the journal, registration of reviews and is liable for the presentation of the journal.

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